Text 25 Jul Another Avenue for a Live Stream of The Crucible?

Another Avenue for a Live Stream of The Crucible? @OldVicTheatre #RichardArmitage


On the National Theater Live Website here 

What’s interesting about this, is that it is National Theater Live ( NTL) that is broadcasting the Young vic’s production – not a production of The National Theater. The live stream will take place at established NTL Venues. Undoubtedly, there will be encore showings, and the taped version will become part of NTL’s library for future viewings. Who…

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Video 25 Jul 4 notes

Video Trailer for The Crucible - Just Released #RichardArmitage #TheCrucible

Most of  us have seen this when it was shown during recent interviews.

Text 23 Jul 2 notes Carolyn Saw Into the Storm Tonight
Text 23 Jul 2 notes Nostalgic New Battle of Five Armies Poster


This poster brings to mind ads for vintage monster movies.

images (8)

And at least one newer one

images (9)

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Text 23 Jul 53 notes A 4 1/2 Star Spoiler-free review of #IntotheStorm from the perspective of a #RichardArmitage well-wisher



There are ordinary people who discover the hero within themselves under extraordinary circumstances.

Get ready to fall for the populace of Silverton, OK and the storm chasing team. This docufiction has other screening reviewers convinced that the footage is real; taken from actual tornado chaser and surveillance cameras.  I watched YouTube to confirm the similarities, recalling how Richard and the cast would do so on the set and his comments that the green screen tornadoes were how he imagined them. Steven Quale (director), John Swetnam (writer) and Todd Garner (producer) have managed to put together a blockbuster.

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Text 22 Jul 42 notes Time Out New York Dubs Richard Armitage ” A Rising Star” and …

Time Out New York Dubs #RichardArmitage ” A Rising Star” and … #TheCrucible

In an article devoted to what plays now on the London stage, New Yorkers might see, predicts a New York run for The Crucible next year. Here ( Keeping in mind, as we have said many times before, a New York might not have the identical cast – more to the point, might not include Richard Armitage.  ( But I bet he’d love to play this on Broadway if  the opportunity arises and his schedule permits).

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Text 21 Jul 3 notes OT: Halt and Catch Fire May Actually Halt and Catch Fire

paceI was wondering whether I was  alone in how underwhelmed I’ve been with  Halt and Catch Fire. I so wanted to like it for obvious reasons – I mean Mad Menwithdrawal, which, with 8 Emmy nominations this year, and maybe even some wins, will go out with a bang. Even taking into consideration that I have next to zero interest in the business end of the plot, I found, at least in  the first episodes,…

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Text 19 Jul 6 notes OT: Perry: Gone, But Not Forgotten

Thank you all who have written on and off blog to inquire about the unusual silence. Honestly, I didn’t get the buzz of reaching half a million views and then just decide to chuck it all in.

If you’ve been following, I have written a few lines in past posts letting you know that I moved from NYC to Mexico in April. I’ve been living here in a short-term vacation rental while I looked for something…

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Text 14 Jul 27 notes Richard Armitage’s flawless John Proctor will stay with you for a lifetime.

#RichardArmitage’s flawless John Proctor will stay with you for a lifetime. #TheCrucible

 His version [of Proctor] may well rocket John Proctor into …one of the greatest on-stage characters of modern times.


Even more so, Richard Armitage’s flawless portrayal of John Proctor will stay with you for a lifetime. His version of the deeply troubled anti-hero may well rocket John Proctor into your mind as one of the greatest on-stage characters of modern times. He’s a fallen man,…

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Video 14 Jul 4 notes

Is #RichardArmitage Using an Okie Accent in ITS? Listen to What He Says.

I’d like to her from those who’ve seen the previews. What did you think of the American accent?

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